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Interview - Sarah Barnes

She is in her fourth season as assistant coach for Len Tsantiris and in her fifth participation of UConn women’s soccer coaching staff. The assistant coach Sarah Barnes talks to Play Sports about the games in Brazil and the impression she had about our teams.

Play Sports: What is your opinion about the trip and the games?

Sarah Barnes: The trip was awesome! I think the country is pretty beautiful and amazing. You have a kind of soccer so much creative. For a soccer player in United States it´s a pleasure to play in Brazil. It was also a great experience for us!

Play Sports: What do you think the team learned playing here?

Sarah Barnes: A lot of things. When you play soccer, you learn a lot during the train. But I think that there are different levels, as the financial situation because the kids have to work and play soccer, they don´t have equipment. Our kids have everything really. So, I think it´s good for them to see that and I hope that they can maybe open the doors to help the others.

Play Sports: And could the players teach the Brazilian teams?

Sarah Barnes: I think soccer in United States is stronger, more physical. In that way we maybe showed them something a little different, as they could show us a more technical and tactical kind of game. 

Play Sports: Is there any difference between Brazil and the countries you have been?

Sarah Barnes: Yes, the environment in general: the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado are awesome. We watched to a game of Fluminense, and I saw there is so passion about soccer here even more than the other countries we have visited.

Play Sports: Play Sports in Brazil is...

Sarah Barnes: For women is different. I think for men here is easier like basketball players in US. Women have to fight for every chance to play, they have to really work. Soccer here is more creative, they are creative when they play.

"Play Sports did an awesome job trying to find games personally and were very good in the training. At the same time we got to see a piece of the country. We can´t ask for more. It was a great experience!",
Sarah Barnes.

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