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Interview - Len Tsantiris  

He coaches since 1981 at the University of Connecticut. The greek Len Tsantiris, talks to Play Sports about their practicing in Brazil.

"Everybody enjoyed the trip, we learned a lot of things, we had good food, we had a lot of new things that we hadn´t had before and we played a lot of soccer!", says Len Tsantiris.


Interview - Sarah Barnes  

She is in her fourth season as assistant coach for Len Tsantiris and in her fifth participation of UConn women’s soccer coaching staff. The assistant coach Sarah Barnes talks to Play Sports about the games in Brazil and the impression she had about our teams.





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We have the pleasure to announce the following tours to our 2012 calendar :
- University of Utah Mens Basketball
(August 5th-14th 2012)
- Kansas State University Mens Basketball
(August 9th-16th 2012)
- Hobart College Mens Soccer
(August 6th-14th 2012)

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Jessica Gjersten
"Everyone was very nice. Francisco and Cesar were both friendly people, excelent guides. Good interpreters especially  with the language"

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